The overarching aim of AMNet is to contribute to ending all forms of violence and social injustice against the disadvantaged population and advocate for the rights of vulnerable people through engagement of duty-bearers to enact and enforce laws that prevent women, children and youths from marginalization, violence and abuse.

AMNet aspires to be a strong national voice that will co-create an overall atmosphere, where a right-based approach to human dignity is accepted and a free Sierra Leone where individuals can claim their rights without endangering their own lives. AMNet will advocate especially for women, children and youths to have increased access to assets or capabilities such as ownership of productive assets, bodily health, bodily integrity, emotional integrity, freedom from hunger and diseases, freedom from fear, violence and anxiety, informed and educated decision making, and particularly train the poor themselves to organize, mobilize and influence those in power so that every Sierra Leonean will live in dignity and respect.

AMNet’s mission is to promote Advocacy and deepen right holders’ understanding about human rights and social justice as a means for them to reflect on their own lives and use their skills to make informed choices as agents of social change. AMNet as an advocacy organization facilitates social change from the communities to the policy level for review of laws/policies to support the beneficiaries by adoption of legal instruments in cases of abuses and violations. AMNet also focuses on mass education as a preventive strategy to raise awareness around human rights abuses and violations, access to justice, internal security through community –based response system.

We support efforts of the government of Sierra Leone to effectively protect the rights of women and children by roling out government policies and supporting the enactment and review of laws for this cause. The Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs recognizes the role and contributions of AMNet in a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding.